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When you go in for a standard phone +SIM Card plan type contract. In this case, the phone will be yours at the end of the contract and you have every right to have it unlocked. You will need to enter a long series of numbers and characters to unlock it. There are SIM Card only contracts and Mobile Phone + SIM Card contracts. A bank account is compulsary to get any type of contract signed. Pick the best month-to-month plan and you can compare all the tarif in deinhandy. Most common smartphones can be used on European bands with no issues at all. The contract cancellation is not that easy in Germany.Usually the cancellation notice time is 3 months, so make sure to let your German internet provider know in good enough time. Concerning cancellation when moving back home away from Germany you are allowed legally to cancel your contract with a 3 months notice, provided the provider can not continue to give you a comparable service at the same price where you are moving.

The internet providers in Germany don’t let go so easily. 3 TchiboCard: Bei Aufladung mittels Lastschrift oder in der Filiale oder bei nachträglicher Zahlung der Mobilfunkrechnung erhalten Sie pro vollem Euro Umsatz zwei TreueBohnen gutgeschrieben. Die durch Tchibo mobil Umsätze gesammelten TreueBohnen zahlen nicht auf die Erreichung des TchiboCard Gold Status ein. Voraussetzung ist die Teilnahme am TchiboCard Programm sowie die Angabe der TchiboCard Kunden-Nummer bei Tchibo mobil im Kundenportal unter Freiminuten werden angerechnet auf Standardgespräche in Deutschland sowie aus dem EU-Ausland in die EU ohne Sonderrufnummern/Mehrwertdienste (Taktung 60/60). Ungenutzte Freiminuten verfallen nach 1 Jahr. Konditionen der Freiminuten können sich zukünftig ändern. Those providers often provide a 1 or 2 year contract so be careful when you make up your mind. You might get stuck in a unwanted contract. If you are unsure about what to pick, have a look at tip 1 to compare . You can use the very handy Youth HotSpot app that lists all the places where there is free Wifi until you set up your own internet connection in Germany. Tip 1: You might want to have a look at Preis24 for good deals.

What this website is that they buy phones and mobile phone plans in bulk to all those providers to get a better price for you. It’s also a nice way to compare plans between providers. You can either choose a contract + phone bundle or a contract alone. They even have offers for pre-paid plans. DeinHandy is also a good alternative where you can also compare plans. Many German phone and Internet plans are only available with an initial 2-year minimum contract, and also require that you cancel months in advance in order to avoid an automatic contract extension. If you need internet in Germany for only a few weeks or a few months, you should look for the keyword “Ohne Mindestlaufzeit” or “Ohne Mindestvertragslaufzeit” when looking at the different offers.