Beata Vecsei

The major areas that I work with are including but not limited to the following:

• Challenges of being a parent
• Joyful retirement
• Integration as an expat
• Guidance in career change

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I am a swiss trained personal coach, originally coming from a corporate background specialized in finance. Despite pursuing a career in the world of numbers, it’s always been obvious to me that my passion and hobby lies in something else.

Since the age of 15 I’ve been reading extensively; studies, scientific research on how the mind works, what personal development is and how I could improve my self-awareness to live a more conscious life. Not least importantly what led me to become who I am now is my natural, profound yet genuine connection with people. I’ve never been good with small talk, what really interests me is what’s “behind the scenes” and what can be done for improvement.

My personal life experience as an example:

As I was going through ups and downs in life, going through different emotions like frustration, anger, sadness, I just wanted to feel better and to know what to do about it. I needed guidance. I needed an external point of view. I needed to process emotions freely. Then I found my life coach who accompanied me along the way and I can say it was a major decision that triggered changes and gave me confidence. The sessions were not only helping me with my initial objective but I had also gone through major realizations and “aha” moments. What a fantastic achievement!!!

What I can offer

As a personal coach what I can offer you is a relaxed, open but safe environment where you can thrive, where the most important thing is you and not your problems.

This help doesn’t come in a form of advice and it is not a therapy either,however, it has been proven to achieve greatresults.
If you are facing major changes or transitions in your life where you feel stuck, lonely or just need guidance, the coaching process could give you what you need in order to trigger changes in your life!

Let’s do this together!