Deirdre Bowley


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Naturopath / Homeopath, Doula, Hypnobirthing Coach and Reiki Practitioner

I was born and raised in Ireland, studied engineering and accountancy in England and arrived in the Geneva area over 10 years ago in the company of my husband and three children.

I developed a keen interest in supporting health through nutrition and alternative therapy which lead to my studies in naturopathy, homeopathy, reiki and childbirth. I am passionate about guiding people to understand their bodies and the interaction of the their bodies in the world around them and helping people to understand how to best support their bodies and maximise their long term health.

My studies and clinic practice are founded on a basis of detailed knowledge of the human body, it’s most common ailments and the methods used to treat them.  Naturopathy looks at the ways we can use herbal remedies, diet, supplements and homeopathy to support the body through illness, medical treatment and stress. Naturopathy can be used alongside conventional medicine to support healing and can provide alternatives where the patient is looking to tap into the natural healing functions of their own body.  I trained with the College of Practical Homeopathy In London.

I also trained with Nurturing BIrth UK including ‘Supporting Complicated Births’, KGHypnobirthing and Mollie O’Brien, Biomechanics of Birth.

For more information, please see my website: Deirdre Bowley, Birth Doula | Supporting Your Birth | Geneva, Switzerland