Lucy Dean

Im a licensed acupuncturist and Chinese manual therapist. I have fourteen years of clinical experience of which four was spent in residency in a Chinese hospital.

I went to China when I was 17 and was totally captivated. After doing a Chinese Language degree at Leeds and living in China for five years, I found my way into Chinese medicine. I did a four year undergraduate degree in the UK at the International College of Oriental Medicine, specialising in acupuncture and then returned to Shanghai, China, where I did a four year internship at Shuguang Hospital with my mentor Dr Li Guoan; a lineage doctor who pioneered acupuncture anaesthesiology.

I came to Geneva in 2012 to work for three years on the WHO Traditional Medicine Strategy and the Traditional Medicine chapter of ICD-11. Concurrently, my clinical practice in Geneva grew and I now divide my energies between BODDHI CLINIC and a charity clinic in Nepal run by our association, Nepal Pain Relief (

In addition to the practice of acupuncture, I include in my treatments Chinese manual therapies (Tuina massage, cupping and moxabustion), Thai massage, meditation and breathing exercises. I have a background in meditation and martial arts so I also offer advice and exercises to help the patient train their own body for long-term healing and health maintenance.

Having studied classical acupuncture, I treat all conditions by firstly correcting the internal imbalance.  My clinical practice addresses such issues as:

  • muscular-skeletal problems
  • neurological, conditions
  • diabetes
  • weight gain
  • spinal problems
  • back pain and postural correction
  • sinuses and respiratory tract conditions
  • headaches and migraines
  • fertility, obstetrics, pregnancy and labour.

I am happy to treat pro-bono in the fields of addiction, epilepsy and psychiatric medication dependency.