Manu Khullar

What if the trauma you have faced, and represented as your worse crisis, could eventually be the best thing that ever happened to you? It may sound shocking & maybe idealistic, but it is in fact the realistic point where I want to lead you.


My mission as a mentor, a coach, a trainer, and an alternative medicine practitioner is to guide you recover from the setbacks life put on your way, get you back on your feet and to get you to your full potential.

I decided to dedicate my life to others in 2010, after having myself endured two deep personal traumatic events, and having recovered from them, despite having hit rock bottom. Overcoming traumas made me realize how these episodes changed my vision of life, and my drive towards a fulfilling future. I chose to help others realize this, to break free from their own traumas, and lead awesome lives.

My own professional experience as head of business application for multinationals has led me to deal with various, rich and strong human situations and relationships. For over 30 years, I have driven company-wide digital transformation programs, hold extensive experience in building and leading high-performance global teams, and have won many company awards, including a CEO one. What truly remains after all those years, are the people I have had the chance to meet, and who are at the core of every process.

Since 2010, I have mastered 16 different ancient and modern energy healing techniques, and have formed a unique system called “Hack your life out of trauma”, based on three components: Mind, Body & Nutrition. I have had the opportunity to help transform hundreds of people lives, making them break free from traumas, and leading them to fulfilled lives. I have also worked in large multinational corporations to make teams become high performing ones.

Everyone can reach his full potentiality by transforming his trauma into a strength, so why not start tomorrow? Give life to life, as I choose to say and do.

I work together on a 3-steps process with various techniques and therapies of healing, meditating, and hypnosis:

I work on getting a deep understanding of your current and past life patterns, in order to perceive the root cause behind the element holding up your progression in life.

Once origin is found and accepted, next is clearing and “pruning” these past life traumas by using energy healing techniques to shake off your shackles.

The third, and last step is a crucial one to work on designing your rituals and habits for a fresh new start into a balanced life.


  • Health: Recovery from your health conditions.
  • Relationship: Escape your oppressive relationship.
  • Work Life: Surmount your burdensome work life.


If you wish to find out more about some of my specific therapies then please click below.

Trauma Release

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