BODDHI CLINIC – is a multidisciplinary complementary health clinic offering a range of therapies from Chinese medicine, acupuncture and cupping to various types of massage and counselling.

We also offer the tools to treat and heal yourself and your family through yoga, meditation, mindfulness workshops and baby massage.

For health care professionals wanting to develop their knowledge and practical skills of broad ranging complementary practices we offer seminars, courses and lectures.

Acumassage Combo

After years of combining our massage and acupuncture treatments we have found that this is really popular and effective for long lasting results.

Here are two new ACUMASSAGE COMBO options:

  • 1 hr for a quick turnaround (175CHF)
    ½ hr Deep Tissue Massage with Doshan + ½ hr Acupuncture with Lucy


  • 1.5 hr for more relaxation and profound change (205CHF)
    1 hr Deep Tissue Massage with Doshan + ½ hr Acupuncture with Lucy


Pain resolution using acupuncture, Chinese manual therapies, massage, yoga, kung fu, stretching, sports therapy and dietary advice.

Optimising your fertility and supporting you through pregnancy and the process of birth.

A place where children, young adults and parents can find non-pharmaceutical ways to bring harmony, well being and health to growing families.

Enhancing performance, improving race times and shortening recovery times using acupuncture, Chinese manual therapies, yoga, stretching, sports therapy and dietary advice.

Lighten up and rejuvenate face and body to show your internal vitality.

Low cost, regular, 30-minute treatments to counteract addiction withdrawal symptoms and change negative habits.


Acupuncture & Chinese Manual Therapies

Traditional Therapeutic Massage,
Cellulite Cupping, Facial Cupping

Lymphatic Drainage Massage & Phytotherapy

Yoga Teacher

Nutritional Therapist

Homeopath / Naturopath, Doula, Hypnobirthing Coach and Reiki Practitioner

One year ago I had a dislocated shoulder. Nine months later, my shoulder was still painful and at times the pain kept me from sleeping. Lucy visited twice in 14 days to treat my shoulder with acupuncture and moxabuxtion. The difference was enormous. Lucy gave me the good advice to use Tiger Balm and to keep the shoulder and arm warm. Lucy, you helped me a lot!! Thanks!!!


A year ago, I was diagnosed with the onset of glaucoma, for which I was prescribed eye drops.  I was not happy to use these eye drops (often a life-long treatment), and contacted Lucy to see if there was an alternative.  Now, a year later, after following a course of treatments with Lucy, my glaucoma is cured.  And, as an added bonus, my eyesight has also improved.

I can truly recommend consulting Lucy for any health problems.

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